Javaid has always had a soft spot for the ladies, and his capacity for love and compassion is expressed throughout on his exciting 11-song debut album “Supersonic Heart Songs”.  With his youthful good looks and charisma to match, it’s no wonder that Javaid has had his share of love and love lost. The album covers relationships from several angles, though with a positive approach throughout.  Javaid has clearly suffered through heartbreak and his inspiring melodies are a potential tonic for anyone who has felt the same way.  “Basically the album is for everyone whom has ever loved, lost, been hurt, has caused hurt, and seeks that lust for having somebody by their side,” says the 26-year old native of Tom’s River, NJ.  

Javaid has found inspiration from the classics - classics such as Frank Sinatra for his unique ability to romantically deliver a ballad, The Moody Blues for their harmonies and emotive instrumentals, and Sting for his rock-star charisma and ability to adapt his music to suit his environment. Though Javaid’s sound is hardly dated, pulling elements of pop from modern stars like Katy Perry, Say Anything, Paramore and Justin Timberlake.  Javaid’s classic messages about love and loss are recorded beautifully by Grammy-nominated producer Jimmy Greco.  Stand-out tracks on the record include the bouncy party anthem “Me Getting Over You”, the soulful “Beautiful” and the album’s lead single “Sails”, a strong mid-tempo ballad that reached #13 on the AC Radio charts earlier in 2011.

“I want people to feel empathetic to the inner workings of the heart, and also to have a good time and smile in the face of sadness when things don't always go the right way,” Javaid says.  That passion, that confidence, that boldness in the face of love and adversity is all captured on his debut album, all showing the promise of more great things to come.

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