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Whats up all.

I am currently writing a brand new song called "Starlight".  I have been incredibly stressed in my life lately and I feel almost as if my creative "juice" just dried up and stopped flowing at normal speeds.  

Have you ever had a week, or a month where your brain was just constantly chattering and it was hard to concentrate or focus on things that you really wanted to?  Well yeah, that was me these last couple months and it has been tough trying to pull out anything creative...that is until I figured out the secret.

I was trying to relax and breathe deeply while laying down on the couch and made sure that I didn't fall asleep...almost like drifting in limbo.  Well anyway, my mind started to clear up and "breathe" and all of a sudden, just like the way other songs have come into my head, "Starlight" just started piecing together in my mind. 

I was beyond excited!  A new song was basically appearing out of thin air into my head and I woke up and ran to my computer to jot down the ideas.  As of right now, the song is complete...it basically had written itself.

I came to the realization that the song was being written subliminally all along, but I was just too stressed and too preoccupied to notice anything...but the minute I took my brain down a notch and just chilled, the song showed up and was ready to be written :)

So the moral to this story is, life is waaaaay too short to be so stressed and worried all the time...focus on the things that truly make you happy, and happiness will follow.  As simple as that.  

Love you all.  Peace out.


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Writing inspiration
    posted 2013-02-22