I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/9wp2qqYk2R Sher Medical Solutions
@lilmeg20 miss you guys also! Not sure when the next show will be. Been busy!
Studio time scheduled 😈
How about this...lets make this Monday the best one ever! Booya.
Happy Easter y'all!
This is symbolic in so many ways... The underdog, passionate, driven, against the odds rises first in a cold... http://t.co/u0A0HyTq0x
Kimberley Locke and I are working together and are going to take over the world!
Thank God its Friday, amirite?
Just got done planning my next move with Kimberley Locke Good things coming ;)
Had a GREAT meeting and am now working with Kimberley Locke from American Idol! Exciting times ahead. #i-am-entertainment
#TeamJavaid. Almost time to start my electronic younow "tour" again! Did you miss me? http://t.co/URcAETYTCb
#TeamJavaid. Almost time to start my electronic younow "tour" again! Did you miss me?
Gotta keep pushing forward and staying strong like Superman! http://t.co/U0J0P6e3UU
Saving the world http://t.co/4ANczmbyiG
Enjoying a fall mug of happiness http://t.co/tW8Fu12rjQ
@lilmeg20 sent!
@lilmeg20 what is your email?
Is there anybody that's interested investing in a music opportunity? Great return potential. Hit me up
Love this beautiful fall day
"I will hold the line, I'm not gonna just give up and die" -Javaid (believe)
#teamjavaid show some love!!!
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If you missed Javaid's webshow, make sure to head to the link to watch it!


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Javaid's new webshow on younow.com is gaining a ton of traction!

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8 Brand new songs finished!

Javaivd has finished 8 brand spankin' new tunes with his producer Dave Pittenger.  Stay tuned!

NEW PROMO put together from younow.com

Check out this promo that younow.com put together for Javaid's webshow tomorrow at 5pm Eastern Standard Time!


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Kick-Off JAVAID webshow

Javaid will be having his kick-off webshow at younow.com, on Thursday at 5pm!

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